Melissa still treated me like a VIP, devoting lots of time and keeping me informed

“I took my first look on the Internet on July 2 for buying a condo and didn’t really have any immediate plans to buy. By chance I saw one I especially liked at a low price in a complex where I had once lived (as a renter), so I expressed interest to They set me up with Melissa Calhoun who emailed me on July 3. I phoned her on July 4 apologizing for calling early (8 am) on a holiday — not to worry — by 9:30 am she was cheerfully showing me the condo. (Melissa had arrived earlier, apparently having teleported!) On July 6 I decided to make an offer. I am inexperienced in home-buying (having only bought one house in New Jersey in the mid-80s and sold it in the mid-90s), so I was somewhat edgy and wanted to keep the process simple. All went well, Melissa took me through all of the documents, answering all my questions, explaining everything carefully so that I understood them and was not just signing everything. Despite this being such a small condo and only $110K, Melissa still treated me like a VIP, devoting lots of time and keeping me informed (despite my cellphone malfunctioning, which must have been frustrating for her). I liked how the condo was furnished and requested that a couch, bed set, 2 wall-mounted large-screen TVs, desk, table & chairs be included. Melissa saw to this bargaining and at NO extra cost to me! Pretty amazing! Melissa was not only on time every time we met she was always early and checking things out, making sure everything worked in the condo, and at the turnover, making sure everything included was there and everything else cleared out. Melissa’s personality is great. I would not have been happy with a wheeler-dealer or a big-shot Realtor. Melissa is easy-going, never pushy, and a straight-shooter. Her competence kept me calm throughout the entire process. Melissa really did all the work in this transaction and could not have made things easier for me. By July 21 we were already closing (only 17 days) and I am very pleased. For me, Melissa was the perfect Realtor. I could not have had a better match.”

200 E Southern Ave UNIT 232, Tempe, AZ 85282