I found a full service agent when Melissa Calhoun  returned my call .It didn’t take long to realize that Melissa was anxious to “help” and not push me into finding a home, actually tried to talk me into renting for a while. We were interested in a house that seemed to be a perfect fit . Melissa previewed the property and appraised its condition. Melissa  is also an appraiser. She noticed several issues and brought to our attention; This was certainly not property that we wanted to buy!  Had Melissa  not gone the extra mile, we would have ended up with a horrific mess!Melissa had endless energy helping my daughter and I find just the right match. She was always ready to ”drop and go” when a potential property became available. Once our paperwork started, our loan process turned into a nightmare! Our lender was far from efficient and several problems developed. It became such a stressful time. Melissa once again, stepped in to buffer the issues and helped us get the loan papers properly prepared. She went way beyond her“job description”!

Thank you Melissa

Rachel P.